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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How are sweets stored?
    They must be kept in a place without humidity, such as a box without a lid or an organza bag. You have to remember to stir them once or twice a week to ensure good conservation.
  • How long do the treats keep?
    They keep for several months if conservation is respected. (Refer to the FAQ: How to store treats)
  • My dog has an allergy, can I order your treats?
    Of course, it is quite possible to order our treats. Write us an email or whatsapp and we will find a solution together. If he has a gluten allergy, we also make 100% GLUTEN FREE treats.
  • Do you ship to other countries?
    Yes, we deliver to Switzerland but also to France and Belgium. It is also possible to send us a message so that we can see together the shipping costs for other countries.
  • Is it possible to personalize my order?
    Yes, it is quite possible to personalize your order. Whether it's the choice of shapes, sizes or flavors. The weight/kilo is also up to you. It is also possible to send us a message to ask us for a flavor that is not on our site.
  • Size in cm of each shape
    Beads: Mini= 1cm / Medium = 1.5cm / XL = 2cm Bone: Mini= 2cm / Medium = 3.2cm / XL = 7cm Donuts: Mini= 1.8cm / Medium = 2.8cm Stars: Mini= 1.5cm / Medium = 3cm Hearts: Mini= 1.5cm / Medium = 2.6cm Fish: Mini= 2cm / Medium = 3.5cm Legs: Medium = 3cm Sticks: Medium = 10cm / XL = 15cm
  • Is it possible to mix 2 flavors?
    Yes, it is quite possible to put in the comments a second flavor to add. For example: If you have selected honey candies, you can add in comment "honey - buckwheat" and we will make your honey and buckwheat candies.
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